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KCast is an audio streaming server and GUI playlist editor. It is made of two components:

The server component, called Trout, is a Perl program, and can in fact be run independently of KCast so you don't need KDE or even the KDE libraries to use the server. Currently there are no distributions as Trout is in early alpha stage. Trout has the following features:

* Streaming of MP3 audio data to any compatible client, e.g. Freeamp or XMMS.
* Sending song titles to clients as ID3v2 tags, either using the tag given in the MP3 or converting ID3v1 tags to ID3v2.
* Output logging capability

KCast is a frontend for Trout written for KDE - it provides a user friendly interface and a playlist editor for your server. KCast requires at least the KDE libraries to run. Since it uses Trout as the server you will also need perl to be installed. The KCast package provides the Trout server, you will not need to install that seperately.

Go to the downloads page if you would like to try KCast or Trout.

Both KCast and Trout make use of Perl, so you must have that installed on your system. I recommend using at least version 5.6.

To compile KCast, you will need version 3.0 of the KDE Libraries and the development files for the KDE libraries, visit www.kde.org for information on obtaining them. You will also need Qt 3.0.3 or later and the associated development files. Visit the Troll Tech site for details of how to obtain Qt.


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