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Both KCast and Trout make use of Perl, so you must have that installed on your system. I recommend using at least version 5.6.

To compile KCast, you will need version 3.0 of the KDE Libraries and the development files for the KDE libraries, visit www.kde.org for information on obtaining them. You will also need Qt 3.0.3 or later and the associated development files. Visit the Troll Tech site for details of how to obtain Qt.



All the downloads can be found at the Sourceforge Download page.
Click the link below to download the KCast source distribution, or the KCast i386 .deb package. Note that KCast now uses KDE 3 which means that to use the .deb you will probably need to download the experimental KDE3 .debs from kde3.geniussystems.net.

0.3 tar.gz

0.3 deb

Click the link below to download Trout.

0.3.0rc1 tar.gz


Anonymous CVS

You can obtain the latest development version of Trout / KCast from CVS hosted at sourceforge. Instructions for doing this are at the Sourceforge CVS page. The module names you need to use for checking out are "kcast" if you want the full KCast GUI or "trout" if you are only interested in the Trout server. Note that when you download KCast it has the Trout server packed with it, but it will not necessarily be as up to date as the Trout server available by checking out Trout seperately.



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